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How To Merge Mail In Outlook [A Step-By-Step Guide]

Mail merge is an effective solution that helps the user to create multiple emails with the present data in a database file or spreadsheet. If you are looking for a quick solution to sending multiple personalized emails to a long mailing chain, then you need to know how to merge mail in Outlook. So, if […]

How To Change YouTube Email [A Complete Step-By-Step Guide]

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, with 2.5 billion monthly active users. During the signup process, users need to use an email address. The need to change your email address on YouTube can arise anytime. So, how to change YouTube email address? Many users like you often ask this question.  An email address is […]

How To Change Email On LinkedIn [A Detailed Step-By-Step Guide]

LinkedIn is a famous social networking website that is specially designed for professionals. As a user, you can change or add your email address to your LinkedIn account. You can use your primary email or other address to log into your LinkedIn account. Suppose you are an active user of LinkedIn. In that case, you […]

How To Change Email On Snapchat? An Easy Step-By-Step Guide

Are you searching for the answer to how to change email on Snapchat? There are many easy ways by which you change your email on Snapchat. Finally, your search is over as we will teach you the easiest steps by which you can reset the email id of your Snapchat account. When a user attempts […]

How To Remove Powered By Shopify: A Comprehensive Guide

So, are you also searching for how to remove powered by Shopify? Almost every person who runs an e-commerce business has heard of Spotify at least once. It’s an amazing platform that helps you create your website with ease and efficiency.  However, when you create a commerce website through this platform, you get to know […]

How To Unpublish Wix Site In 2022: A 101 Guide For Beginners

Don’t know how to unpublish Wix site? There could be several reasons behind unpublishing the website. Every year, the majority of Wix users decide to remove their websites from the servers. There is no doubt that Wix offers top-notch features to build a high-quality site in a few minutes. Once you decide to unpublish your […]

A Guide On How To Point Namecheap Domain To HostGator

In this post, you will learn how to point the Namecheap domain to HostGator. If you have recently got a domain name via Namecheap, chances are you would like to host it on HostGator. Well, you are certainly right on that part. When we talk about the web hosting industry, there is none other alike […]

How To Change Shopify Theme: A Comprehensive Guide

Theme plays a very vital role for the users of the Shopify store. The store can have a completely different look depending on what customization you do to your theme. So, how to change the Shopify theme? If you are thinking of creating a new brand or want to make things better for the existing […]

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