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Cajun Area Coffee has long been in the business of selling and roasting coffee beans. Their motto is to provide their customers with a premium and positive customer experience. Although their business was performing well and they were able to impress their customers with their quality services, scalability was a big challenge. They approached Zone Websites so that we can provide them a solution for their scalability challenge with the help of a website where they can offer the same experience for their users, and they can sell the authentic taste of Cajun Area Coffee to people from different parts of the globe.


The expert business analysts at Zone Websites understood the challenges that Cajun Area Coffee was facing, and we decided to work closely with them to analyze a custom-tailored solution. Our solution was focused on giving the same experience to the customers and helping them acquire new markets in the most efficient way. We did a complete analysis to understand their target market and how to get the best revenue for their business, as in the end, what a business needs to manage their operations is increased revenue and profits. We first figured out the areas with good demand for a premium coffee to enhance our focus on those areas.

Our digital marketing team used advanced SEO strategies to target the right users using the right keywords. We targeted the keywords that express a better intent of conversion. Our digital marketing team also made sure to optimize the website for both organic and paid digital marketing. We designed the website that engaged the users very well to give them a premium user experience. We made the process of buying coffee online a very straightforward approach so that users don't have to struggle while ordering their favorite coffee from the website. Our partnership helped them accelerate their growth at a breakneck pace as they found everything they needed to grow digitally under a single roof.

Technology Used