Maryam Raeesdana is a well-known and established author of Iranian literature. She was born in Tehran, Iran, and grew up in Abadan, Busher, and Tehran. She has worked as a journalist, reporter, and translator in various print media houses in Iran. After she migrated to France, she continued her profession at radio and media houses. Being a well-established writer and with so many books published in her name, she is very popular among people of all ages. When she decided to go for a website where her fans can get more information about her, the biggest challenge on her way was that her fans came from very diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. That meant that she needed to create a website where all her fans could understand her words without any language barrier.


Our team at Zone Websites took the responsibility to create a website for Maryam Raeesdana to make all her fans feel at home irrespective of the language they speak. Although we take all our projects very seriously, it was a big responsibility to create a website for someone who is loved by so many people around the world. Our team had to make sure that we do not hurt the sentiments of fans from any linguistic background. Our team started with proper research to understand the essence of the literature for the languages in which the website needed to be converted. We studied her works published in different languages to understand the soul of her work as every author carries their own style that can not be compared to someone else.

After analyzing her works created in different languages, our team had a better idea of the unique style that Maryama Raeesdana carried in her works. We could not go for the same translation tool for all languages as that would hamper the literary meanings of her work, and the uniqueness of her work could not be presented in front of the readers. That is why we decided to use a customized set of solutions for the translation in every language. This way, we would retain the maximum purity of Maryam’s work in the post-translated form. The hard work and dedication of our team resulted in a website that provided an enjoyable experience to all her readers and fans.

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