How To Change The Squarespace Template (7.0 And 7.1)?

As your business grows, you should change your website to align it with your current business goals. Squarespace, as we know, is a great website builder platform offering more than 90 templates. Also, the template-changing process doesn’t take too much of your time.If you’re using Squarespace 7.0 version, you have multiple options for changing your […]

How To Change The Wix Template? A Template Switching Guide

Whether you’re completely new to creating a website or have experience, Wix is one of the best platforms to start with. The primary reason why people love using Wix is how easy it is to create a brand-new website, even if you don’t have any experience. With Wix, you can create and customize your website […]

What Is Afterpay And How To Add Afterpay To Shopify In 2023?

Giving your customer multiple payment options is always a good idea if you run an online Shopify store. Afterpay is one such payment option that has recently hit popularity among online buyers. One sole reason why people love Afterpay is that it offers an overtime payment option. This means you can buy any product now […]

How To Change Shopify Domain Name And Add A New Domain?

The name of your business matters more than you think. If your online store has a unique name, people will be more likely to remember it. In addition, a good name also signifies that your products or services will have the quality people demand these days.  While researching this topic, it came to us quite […]

Steps To Transfer A Domain From Network Solutions To GoDaddy

While domain name registration is said to be a long and confusing process, it doesn’t have to be when you are aware of the steps to do it effectively. If you want to transfer a domain from network solutions to GoDaddy, this guide is for you!                    […]

How To Transfer Outlook Emails To Gmail [Two Best Methods]

Are you no longer using your old Outlook account? Well, in that case, you may want to transfer all your emails to your new email account, such as Gmail. And if not all, you would at least want to have the important ones in Gmail. Whether you are switching temporarily or permanently moving from Microsoft […]

500 Internal Server Error NGINX: Meaning, Causes, And Fixes

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably faced the 500 Internal Server Error in NGINX. This error is quite common when you try visiting a web service or website. However, this error is a server-side error. If you’re facing it, it’s not because of your internet connection or some error from your side.  But, even if […]

How To Cancel A Wix Subscription Temporarily Or Permanently?

So, do you want to cancel your Wix subscription? Well, there can be plenty of reasons why you no longer want to pay for your subscription. Wix is a cloud-based web development service available for free use, especially for those new to this. One of the primary reasons why you want to switch from Wix […]

How To Fix ‘smtp error: could not authenticate.’ In PHPMailer?

Have you recently faced an “smtp error: could not authenticate” while using PHPMailer? While this is an effective tool for sending emails easily and safely using SMTP authentication, you may sometimes suffer an error due to incorrect SMTP configuration or incompatible server settings.“smtp error: could not authenticate” is one of the issues that website owners […]

How To Host Multiple Websites On One Server: A Complete Guide

Are you overwhelmed seeing the complicated stuff filled with coding after searching for how to host multiple websites on one server? Well, surely no one wants to jump into it because of how scary it can look at first glance. But is hosting multiple websites on one server really as difficult as it seems? This […]

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