Energy Sector

Project Naija Solar


Naija Solar is more like an initiative than a business as it focuses on a better future for the environment we all live in with the help of renewable energy. The company was started by a group of intellectuals who wanted to educate people and make renewable energy accessible to them at an affordable price. Since people don’t know about the use of renewable energy and the people who are aware don’t want to invest in it looking at small monetary benefits, it is very tough for a business to set their feet in the industry. Naija Solar was also facing the same challenge as at first they needed to educate people about the importance of renewable energy.


We worked with Naija Solar to figure out the most common challenges for the renewable energy industry. We found a lack of clarity among the people on renewable energy and why they should shift to it. For the same reason, Naija Solar needed us as they wanted to spread the correct information among the people, which is required to get people interested in saving our planet. Naija Solar focused on the African market where lack of information was even higher than in North America. Our contribution to Naija Solar could be delivering a good-quality and professional website to them where they can promote their products and spread information.

We kept up with their expectations and delivered them a professional website with an easy-to-use user interface. We developed a dynamic website for Naija Solar to make things easier for them. We gave them complete control over their website by giving them access to the admin panel, which they can use to change the content and images of their website very easily without any technical knowledge. This helped them change the most relevant and the latest information from time to time on their own. Utilizing the power of digital technology, their idea to make American standard solar panels available to the African community at an affordable price helped them accelerate their growth journey.

Technologies Used