Event Management

Project Jai’s Way


Jai's Way was founded on the belief to make every event special by involving the clients to better understand their culture and their motive behind the event. The founder of Jai's Way is Danita Jai, a lady with more than 20 years of experience serving in the military. She has traveled the world during her service in the military, and the different events that she got to be a part of or she coordinated made her fall in love with events. That is the reason she founded Jai's Way to make events more fun and meaningful. The biggest challenge in front of Danita was to reach her customers and an online platform to do all this.


The vision of Danita behind Jai's Way was very clear, and she already had the goals that she wanted to accomplish with her business. She wanted to create a fun environment for every single person who is a part of the event. Danila believed that to make any event special, she will need to understand the people in the event first as if the people can relate to everything in an event, they enjoy the event from their soul. Our expert team at Zone Websites spent some time understanding everything that made the business special in some way. We figured out all the USPs of Jai's Way to get the perfect start.

Our team studied all her competitors very carefully to understand all the small details that make a business successful in the industry. One thing we were sure of is that there is a very big demand for event planners who make some effort to understand the culture of the event organizers and the people participating. This helps them create a completely customized set of plans for the event, making it easier for the people to connect to the event's intent. We created a completely customized website for her business so that people visiting her website can understand the soul of her business. Our complete digital solutions helped Ditan set a strong footprint in the event management industry with the power of the digital world.

Technologies Used