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Kennys Tax Services was started with a motto to deliver reliable tax services and make people financially secure, legitimate, and future-ready. The founder of the company was already working at H&R Block for more than ten years, and because of his interest in understanding each of his clients individually, he was very popular among his clients, and they wanted him to start his own firm. Acting on the feedback from his clients, he started a company to deliver even better services at much lower prices than the competition. He didn’t want to limit his business to a particular area or locality, and he wanted to diversify his client base in a much larger area.


When we came in contact with the founder, we first tried to understand everything about his business and the services he was going to offer. Then we spent some time figuring out his target market with him. We discussed and analyzed the USPs for his business and what made his business better than the competition. We dived deeper into the details to figure out the best approach for his business by analyzing every minor information that could help us find the best solution for his needs. We went through all his significant competitors and pointed out the strength and weaknesses to better prepare for the potential challenges.

Our development team came up with a solution that would go with the motto of Kennys Tax Service by designing a website that offers a very easy-to-use professional website. Our focus was to create a website that anyone can easily use without any technical knowledge, and navigation throughout the website remains easily predictable. The founder wanted to create a cheerful experience for his clients, which was not very common in the industry, so we also kept up with his vision by creating a simple website with a lite theme. The idea worked well, and the motto to deliver a cheerful experience and budget-friendly tax services worked well with the clients. Our partnership became meaningful with the positive outcome that we could achieve as a result of the business’s vision and our passion for delivering the best solution.

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