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How To Change The Squarespace Template (7.0 And 7.1)?

As your business grows, you should change your website to align it with your current business goals. Squarespace, as we know, is a great website builder platform offering more than 90 templates. Also, the template-changing process doesn’t take too much of your time.If you’re using Squarespace 7.0 version, you have multiple options for changing your […]

How To Cancel A Wix Subscription Temporarily Or Permanently?

So, do you want to cancel your Wix subscription? Well, there can be plenty of reasons why you no longer want to pay for your subscription. Wix is a cloud-based web development service available for free use, especially for those new to this. One of the primary reasons why you want to switch from Wix […]

How To Fix ‘smtp error: could not authenticate.’ In PHPMailer?

Have you recently faced an “smtp error: could not authenticate” while using PHPMailer? While this is an effective tool for sending emails easily and safely using SMTP authentication, you may sometimes suffer an error due to incorrect SMTP configuration or incompatible server settings.“smtp error: could not authenticate” is one of the issues that website owners […]

How To Change Template On Squarespace [A Step-By-Step Guide]

Squarespace is a popular platform that offers a variety of templates. Users can easily customize or change the theme using simple steps. However, many users still need to learn how to change Template on Squarespace as every business needs to add new features and change the outdated template.  Whatever your reason, the right process can […]

The Complete Guide On How To Add Sezzle To Shopify

Sezzle offers great convenience to the customer who prefers the “buy now, pay later” method. If you own an e-commerce website, then you are surely looking for how to add Sezzle to Shopify. Every company is aware of how much customers love using Sezzle services. To understand all the steps involved in how to add […]

Steps On How To Install An SSL Certificate In GoDaddy cPanel

Installing an SSL certificate is necessary if you want to manage sensitive and personal data like credit card digits on your website. With this, you will be sure that all the data interchanged between the web server and your visitor browser is encrypted. In this step-by-step guide, we will see how to install an SSL […]

How To Add PayPal To Squarespace? [3 Simple Steps]

Adding an e-commerce section to a website requires a few considerations. Searching for the right platform for your business is surely a hectic task. Squarespace is one of the platforms that accompanies the e-commerce part. Go through the article to learn How to add PayPal to Squarespace. If you are using Squarespace, we are sure […]

How To Connect Mailchimp To Squarespace? [The Complete Guide]

Only a professional digital marketer would know some notable perks of connecting Mailchimp to Squarespace. But, to enjoy those perks, you may wonder, ‘how to connect Mailchimp to Squarespace’? We will answer your question in detail in this blog post so read till the end.Mailchimp is a third-party email platform that helps to design email […]

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