How To Transfer A Domain From WordPress To Wix?

How To Transfer A Domain From WordPress To Wix

So, you have decided to transfer a domain from WordPress to Wix. The reasons to switch from WordPress to Wix can be numerous, which we will discuss later. To transfer a domain from WordPress to Wix, you need to take the following steps. First of all, WordPress and Wix are brilliant platforms that allow you to build a website. This blog post will explain how to transfer a domain from WordPress to Wix. Both of these platforms offer great functionalities as well as e-commerce attributes. The process might look tricky initially, but make sure to follow each step carefully shown in the post.

Wix Vs. WordPress: Which Is The Better Platform

To transfer a domain from WordPress to Wix. You need to know the fundamental difference between these two platforms. What additional functionalities will you get after transferring a domain from WordPress to Wix? Below we have described each of them to let you know the difference between them.

What Is Wix?

Wix is a drag and drop, cloud-based website development platform perfect for non-coders.

It allows users to create a website using drag and drop features. In Wix, everything comes ready-made for you; you need to drag and drop tools and templates according to your taste.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source self-hosted platform that allows people to create websites. It requires technical knowledge to use WordPress as a website development platform.

It is a robust platform that allows a flexible content management system popularly used worldwide.

Why Choose Wix Over WordPress For Domain Transfer?

There has been a long debate over WordPress and the Wix platform. Both of the platforms give comprehensive tools for website development. When you switch from WordPress to Wix, you will see the differences between these platforms. Here are the reasons to choose Wix over WordPress.

Easy To Use

Wix is an easy-to-use platform as compared to WordPress. WordPress has extensive themes but requires technical knowledge for successfully handling. Wix is the first choice of beginners due to its drag and drop features and interactive design.


When choosing a website building platform, cost becomes an important factor. Wix offers affordable pricing on various domains and hosting plans. Wix’s basic monthly plan starts from only $12.50 per month, whereas WordPress monthly plans cost up to $29 per month.

Better Interface

Wix offers a better user interface to adjust your website and domain settings from a single dashboard. The Dashboard is user-friendly and comes with advanced features. WordPress offers an interface that requires technical knowledge to operate successfully.

A Complete Guide On How To Transfer A Domain From WordPress To Wix 

As you have already decided to transfer your domain from WordPress to Wix, using a third-party service for domain hosting does not make any sense. Using a third-party service for hosting your domain associates risks losing your access details.

In this situation, it is better to transfer a domain from WordPress to Wix as soon as possible,

For a successful process on how to transfer a domain from WordPress to Wix, please follow this complete guide.

Guidelines To Transfer A Domain From WordPress To Wix

Here are the steps to transfer a domain from WordPress to Wix:

  • It takes up to seven days to complete a domain transfer process from WordPress to Wix. At the same time, it takes only a few minutes to submit a domain transfer request.
  • It recommends connecting your domain name to your website before transferring the registration from WordPress to Wix. In this case, you can easily access your website during the transfer process.
  • For successful domain transfer, you will need to add at least one year of domain registration at Wix (renew your domain one year in advance).
  • You will need to log in to your current domain provider account to initiate the process. For successfully initiating the process to transfer a domain from WordPress to Wix, you will need your account credentials. 

Step 1- After reading the general instructions shown in the process above, click on Access the service. Go to the WordPress >> Admin panel >> Access the services to access the services.

Step 2- After accessing the services, you will see the window with a field. Enter the domain name you want to transfer from WordPress to Wix. After entering the domain name in the field, click on the “Submit” button.

Step 3: You will see the drop-down menu form to choose a registrar in the next step.

Select your current domain registrar name from the drop-down menu where you bought your current domain name.

Step 4: You need to check the box that tells you to log in to your domain provider account. After that, it will ask you to unlock your domain to initiate the domain transfer process. Ensure you have already unlocked your domain by going to the admin panel>>domains.

Step 5: Choose the registration extension period of at least one year; when choosing a Wix, you must extend your domain for at least one year. Otherwise, your process of transferring a domain from WordPress to Wix won’t complete successfully.

Step 6: In the next step, enter or edit the contact information in the required field; you will be asked to enter the contact details like First name, Last name, Phone number, and Company name for your domain’s official registrant. (owner)

Step 7: Now, you can choose privacy for your personal information. You will be shown the various options like essential protection and full privacy protection (recommended). You should choose the full privacy protection option from the given two to protect your personal information better.

Step 8: In this step, choose the suitable payment option to proceed with the payment of the domain registrar extension for the following year. Remember, you need to renew your current domain for at least one year to transfer a domain from WordPress to Wix.

Step 9: Complete the payment process by submitting your details and clicking on the complete purchase button.

Step 10: You will get the confirmation link in the WordPress admin register email. Click on the link that shows that your domain transfer was initiated successfully.

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How Long Will It Take To Transfer A Domain From WordPress To Wix?

The domain transfer process from WordPress to Wix takes up to seven days. You will receive an email confirming your request to transfer a domain from WordPress to Wix has been received. After that, no further process is required. Ensure you receive the Authorization Code on your registered admin email of WordPress. The transfer process takes place within seven days.


Wix is a simple website builder platform that comes with many functionalities. The following steps will help you transfer a domain from WordPress to Wix. This blog post describes the steps you need to initiate how to transfer a domain from WordPress to Wix. Many businesses have been using the website-building platform for growing their businesses worldwide.

But the main problem they face today is the transfer of a domain during a shift on a new platform like Wix. It requires technical knowledge that most small business owners don’t have.

The domain transfer process looks tricky for people; it requires time and depends on various factors. You can do it yourself or hire our experts to do it for you. Zone Websites has been providing services like domain purchasing & hosting, digital marketing, and professional website development services that help businesses reach their goals in a jiff. 

To get our services for your business, visit Zone Websites.

How To Transfer A Domain From WordPress To Wix?

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