How To Transfer A Domain From WordPress?

How To Transfer A Domain From WordPress

If you own a WordPress domain, you can transfer WordPress domain to any other site with the help of this guide. After moving the domain, it’s possible to manage the domain billing and settings through different accounts. Also, before starting the process to transfer the WordPress domain, you should consider reviewing:

  • Billing and pricing details.
  • Requirements for the domain transfer
  • Suggestions to begin the transfer
  • Time required to transfer of domain
  • The steps for moving custom email addresses.

Things To Know Before Transferring A Domain Away From

You should know that the associated servers also stay active while transferring the WordPress domain. They move from one registrar to another. For example, the domain gets preserved when it uses default WordPress servers. Here, changing name servers wouldn’t be possible until you complete the process to transfer the WordPress domain.

The website already shifted when you’re changing to another hosting provider. Before transferring the WordPress domain, ensure its name suits the new provider’s server names.

As mentioned before, you can’t change name servers before completing the transfer.

Web Hosting And Domain Registrations Are different Services

Your website won’t migrate while you transfer the WordPress domain. You must submit the migration request when you are a receiving website customer. This is essential to transfer the website from Migration experts move emails and sites without charging anything and don’t need downtime. 

The transfer WordPress domain process includes another year of domain renewal at a certain WordPress domain transfer cost. For instance, if the domain is due to expire on 1st January 2025, after you complete the transfer WordPress domain process, the new end date would be 1st January 2026.

You must ensure that there has been no transfer domain from WordPress in the past 60 days. 

Your domain should be in the ‘Active Period.’ It must not be in the ‘Redemption Grace Period’ or ‘Pending Delete period.

Let’s know how to transfer a domain from WordPress:

Step 1: Log In To The WordPress.Com Client Area

After logging into the contact client area, confirm whether the domain’s contact information is up to date or not? 

Verify Contact Information

You must confirm that the contact information of your domain remains up to date:

  • Click on “Update your contact information.”
  • Under Your domain contact information, ensure that you’ve got the correct contact information. All communications to transfer the WordPress domain are available in the email addresses. To confirm these changes, click on Edit contact info.
  • For help with updating contact information, check the documentation of WordPress.

Note: To ensure a smooth transfer, the domain contact person should process it. If you’re a domain contact, you should ensure that the mail address is accessible and accurate. 

Step 2: After You Log In, You Must Visit The Domains Page

  • In the sidebar left, click on My Site, Click on Upgrades and click on Domains.
  • In the domains list, click the domain you would like to transfer. 

Step 3 – Unlock Domain And Get Transfer Code

To enable transfer, you must unlock the domain and request a transfer code to enable transfer. Here is how you can do so: 

  • Click the Back arrow at the top section of contact information, and click on Transfer your domain.
  • Click on Transfer to another registrar.
  • After unlocking the domain, you’ll get a transfer code. If you still see a locked code, click the option “update settings and continue.” It unlocks the domain and sends the authorization or the “transfer code” to the domain contact.
  • After entering the transfer code, ensure that you’ve got access to the mail where the code is present.
  • If you haven’t got the code in your mail, you can click on “Resend Transfer Code” to try again.

Note: EPP/Auth codes are there for all .net, .com, .us, .info, .me, .co, .in. .tv, .mobi, .cc,,, .top, .party, .org and other gTLD domains. If you can’t request an EPP code in account in the Registrar, you must contact them and ask them to send the code to you for transferring your domain away from WordPress.

Step 4 – Begin The Transfer Process And Enter The Transfer Code

Begin the transfer domain from the WordPress process in the domain panel of the receiving website: 

  • Make sure you’re logged in to the right host website.
  • Click on “Settings” in the home menu and click on Domains.
  • Click on the option “Use a domain I own.”
  • Enter the domain name you’re transferring in the “Enter domain” field, then click on the arrow.
  • Click on the option “Transfer domain.”
  • In the “Authorization Code” space, paste the transfer code and click on “Save and Continue.”

Step 5 – Confirm Transfer With New Registrar

After getting the authorization code to transfer the WordPress domain, visit the new registrar site and begin the transfer process. These are the instructions by popular domain registrars:

  • 1&1 
  • inMotion
  • GoDaddy
  • Squarespace
  • Namecheap 
  • BlueHost

Step 6 – Review And Confirm Registration Details

Confirm the authenticity of the domain contact information in your registration panel. These fields can populate the detected registration information with the original registrar. To get help formatting these fields, you should visit the Domain contact information. 

To review and edit registration details:

  • Ensure that the provided address in the field “Email Address” is right. You get a notification about how you’ll complete the transfer process in your email.
  • Make all required information changes. These changes update WHOIS records after completing the transfer.
  • When everything is correct and all the required fields look good, click on “Save and Continue.” 

Step 7 – Enter And Review Payment Information

The attached card to your website is the payment option in the panel payment information. When your website is on a trial period, you’ll need to enter your credit card information. After confirming everything is correct, click on “Save and continue.” 

Make sure you’re using an accepted payment method to transfer the WordPress domain to avoid payment-related issues. 

Step 8 – Review the Order

In the panel review order, you’ll see all domain transfer details. After you transfer the WordPress domain, you have to bear registration charges for another year. It can vary on the TLD of your domain and is free for eligible domains.

Step 9 – Wait For Sometime Till The Transfer Completes

After confirming the transfer, you get a five-day waiting period. You’ll get a confirmation email to transfer the WordPress domain during this period. After confirming the mail, the domain transfer will happen in five days.

Note – Don’t cancel the transfer WordPress domain at any point. If you cancel the domain, you won’t be able to become the owner, and the transfer WordPress domain process will stop. After finishing the transfer process, the website deletes the upgrade in your account. 

Step 10 – Troubleshoot Any Failed Starters

You will receive an email from the registrar when the domain doesn’t transfer. Possibilities for the error are you have entered the wrong information, WordPress rejection, or other reasons. 

Tip: To get help in WordPress communication, you can visit “Requesting third-party domain help.” Here you need to review the sections in “Transfer help.”

If you still have trouble transferring a WordPress domain, host a WordPress domain and link it to the registrar’s website.

Troubleshooting and FAQs 

What if the new domain registrar says they can’t begin the transfer as they haven’t got the contact information public?

On 25th May 2018, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into effect. Domain registrars are not allowed  to share registrant contact information. Thus, most registrars implemented GDPR-compliant processes for process transfers without registrant information. The new registrars must follow a GDPR complaint process. They can ask them about bypassing FOA and using auth code or EPP.

Currently, most registrars follow GDPR processes to transfer the WordPress domains. But, some small registrars don’t do it. However, they should contact support at the new registrar to get help as there is an issue with their processes.

I Have An Email Address On The Domain. What Happens To My Email?

After completing the transfer WordPress domain, your email address will stop working. Make a query to your email provider and the domain registrar to get help reconfiguring the email.

You should have different addresses on domain information and file. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to contact you if you need help. 

I Haven’t Got The Authorization Code Mail As The Email Address Is Not Valid.

You may get the instructions to update contact information after updating the mail address. It is possible to resend the authorization code like step 1. 

Why Should You Disable Privacy? Does It Mean That Your Contact Information Would Be Public?

Most domain names at should be public with GDPR protection. It means that the registrant’s contact information is not visible. Disabling privacy won’t result in publishing your information for such domains.

For some domains, contact information for non-EU owners isn’t accessible with disabled privacy.


Also, you can contact the support department to transfer the WordPress domain. You can check their documentation to know how to transfer a domain from WordPress and the WordPress domain transfer cost. Now you know about the domain transfer process from WordPress to another website. Zone Websites offer the most reliable solutions to transferring WordPress domain to another site. With our expert services, you can be at ease. Talented designers and developers at Zone Websites strive to make your projects happen most professionally.

How To Transfer A Domain From WordPress?

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