How To Host An HTML Website? Learn An Easy Way To Host It

How To Host An HTML Website Learn An Easy Way To Host It

Are you looking to host your HTML website in 2022? For that, you need to consider the step-by-step process of how to host HTML website first. There are plenty of hosting platforms available on the Internet today. For hosting an HTML website, you need to set it up correctly with a new hosting platform. With the right steps and approach, you can easily complete the whole process of how to host an HTML website on a hosting platform. This post will cover the journey of hosting an HTML website in 2022. 

What Does Hosting An HTML Website Mean?

Hosting an HTML website means putting your website on different hosting companies’ servers. Various hosting service providers host the website on their servers so that anyone can access your website easily. In other words, the process of how to host an HTML website means renting a space on the Internet. You can easily host your HTML website on various hosting platforms.

How To Host an HTML Website With Easy Steps?

There are different processes every user needs to follow for hosting an HTML website on the server. The primary step is to register for a domain name and buy a hosting plan. Most of the non-techy get confused when terms like these appear. In this guide, you will learn everything about the hosting of an HTML website process.

Select HTML Website Hosting

The first step in the process of how to host an HTML website is the selection of the hosting service. You need to select the hosting service provider to host your HTML website on their remote server. Different companies host the HTML website on their remote server, which keeps your website live 24/7.

Every hosting service provider company provides different plans according to the client’s needs. Some hosting plans are suitable for small-sized websites, while others are good for big-sized sites. When choosing an HTML website hosting company, first look at your website needs. You can compare the hosting plans of different companies before choosing the one that suits your needs.

Choose A Type Of Hosting

Once you finalize the good hosting service provider, it’s time to choose your hosting type. You have different types of hosting available to choose from. This is an essential step in a whole way to hosting the HTML website process. Different hosting service providers offer the four types of hosting to the customers. Let’s discuss the types of HTML hosting in detail.

Shared Hosting

This type of hosting is perfect for websites that don’t have plenty of traffic volume. Shared hosting is suitable for beginners as it requires a little technical knowledge. As the name implies, your website will be hosted with other websites. It means multiple websites share the same hosting service. The disadvantage of this hosting type is that it can impact the performance of your website in case there is a spike in traffic on another website.

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Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated hosting type is for the larger enterprise-size websites. This hosting type is for those who want control over server settings and have good technical knowledge. This website hosting gives you resources and maintains the website’s performance.

It can handle the millions of visitors to your website with ease. The only disadvantage of the dedicated hosting type is its price. It is the most expensive type of HTML website hosting, which is not suitable for new or small business websites.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting refers to Virtual Private Servers. In this type of hosting, your HTML website uses a single server that has been separated into multiple virtual machines. In this hosting, you don’t share your website hosting with others. As a result, the website performance remains the best due to fast loading speed, bandwidth, and disk space. This type of hosting is best for users who expect a good traffic volume.

Cloud-Based Hosting

Cloud-based hosting is the new hosting compared to the other types of hosting. This cloud-based hosting is suitable for those HTML websites that are growing and need a good server for the future. It is most popular among website owners who want to scale traffic up to 50,000 monthly visitors. It is cheaper than VPS hosting and allows you to run your website on multiple cloud servers.

Select Your Hosting Plan

Select the hosting plan once you choose the hosting type that fits your website needs. Find a hosting service provider that offers the type of HTML website hosting you need within your budget. Once you select your hosting plan, it’s time to purchase the plan. This step is important in how to host an HTML website process.

Choose SSL Certificate

To keep your HTML data secured, you need to choose an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate and your hosting plan. Most hosting service providers won’t give it along with the hosting plan. An SSL certificate signifies that your website is secure to submit personal or payment information. Once your website has an SSL certificate active, the URL is changed from HTTP:// to HTTPS://. This certificate is offered for one year and requires annual renewal.

Domain Name For HTML Website

The domain name is required to access your website. It is the digital address that a user enters in Google to search your website. You can register the domain name of your HTML website with your hosting service provider when you sign up for a hosting plan. 

But it is recommended to keep your hosting and domain registration services separate. You will also get the domain registration service for one year, renewable after every year. If you don’t know how to host an HTML website, we recommend you go with a hosting plan that offers a free domain name.


The whole process of hosting an HTML website requires steps from selecting a hosting provider to registering a domain name. The process seems complex for beginners to choose the right HTML website hosting plan. Follow the simple points mentioned above to complete how to host an HTML website on the server.

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Is The Process Of How To Host an HTML Website Easy?

Yes, the process of how to host an HTML website is easy and requires little technical knowledge and skills. With the right steps and knowledge, anyone can host an HTML website in a few minutes.

How To Fix An HTML Website That Doesn’t Run?

If your HTML website doesn’t run, there could be an error code if you face a situation. You need to check the displayed response code on the screen or contact Zone Websites to fix this.

Can I Get A Free Domain?

Yes, you can get a domain name for free in various ways. One way is to get a web hosting plan that offers a free domain for one year. At the same time, the other ways are the website builder plan and email hosting plan.

How To Host An HTML Website? Learn An Easy Way To Host It

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