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La Barbera Barber Shop was established by Elizendi Cruz, aka Zendi, with years of experience in 2020. Since the age of 15, she had been fascinated by styling hair and hairstyles, which later became her passion. Over the years, she had competed and won many professional barber competitions. Ultimately, with enough confidence in her skills, she decided to turn her passion into a profession and open up a barbershop. Zendi enjoys keeping her clients well-groomed and look the best versions of themselves. But, since they opened up in 2020 when the world was going through lockdown and pandemic, her new business struggled. That was the problem because no client was willing to step outside their homes because of the virus's fear.

Our Solution

Zendi approached Zone Websites to help her with her salon La Barbera Barber Shop and its challenges from several sources. Before working on any solution, we first focused on understanding the entirety of La Barbera Barber Shop's problems and how we can help her with a single solution. With Zendi’s help, we concluded what her business was facing and focused our energy and resources on developing a customized way and solution to help her and her business. Our researchers went through hundreds of platforms and websites to see how they were coping with the pandemic and what ways they developed to counter it.

In the end, our web development developed an interactive and informative platform for Zendi’s La Barbera Barber Shop. On this platform, the users can see all the services they offered, who the barbers were, what they stood for, their contact information, and much more. Our web development team ensured that the platform was responsive so that Zendi’s clients could open it up on their smartphones or PCs. With Zone Websites' help, Zendi’s La Barbera Barber Shop was able to come out of its depression and get more clients day after day. Not only the old ones but La Barbera Barber Shop also got new clients who came to get their hair done and styled and use all the services they offered.

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