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Natacha Nord established Fanmkreyol Cuisine with the hope of bringing delicious Haitian food to the world so that more people can appreciate the traditional cuisines of Haiti. Nord is a Haitian, and she was brought up in the Caribbean country of Haiti; it was there that she fell in love with the traditional food and cuisine of her home country. With her passion for cooking, she wanted to bring a piece of her kitchen to the world where she can share her traditional and her recipes with the world. Other than recipes, as Fanmkreyol Cuisine's founder, she also caters Haitian food to events, parties, and other occasions. But her problem was that other than these services; she also wanted to share and sell her traditional Haitian food to her potential customers.


Fanmkreyol Cuisine is the result of Nord’s vision of serving her traditional Haitian cuisine to the people of the United States. She genuinely wants to bring her passion for cooking to others. Our team found out that Haitians were really protective and fond of their traditional cuisine and dishes from the rest of the Caribbean when researching. It is richer and more diverse than the other food from the Caribbean. Besides sharing the recipes of some of the most sought out and mouth-watering cuisine of Haiti, Fanmkreyol Cuisine also has other services such as catering and online food delivery.

Coming up with a solution to Nord’s challenge was a tough one because it had more than one component, so when building a solution, we had to take all her services and the things she provided in mind. Ultimately, Zone Websites and its team devised a solution specially tailored to Nord and her Fanmkreyol Cuisine. Our web developers created an original solution, our researchers and content experts came up with original ideas to implement the Nord’s dream. The Fanmkreyol Cuisine website is the solution to Nord’s challenges. It is a unique platform where the users can look for original and exotic recipes from Haiti, book Fanmkreyol Cuisine to cater to events, and buy food and Haitian edible products online. Fanmkreyol Cuisine ships to all parts of the United States. With Zone Websites, Nord turned her lifelong passion into her profession.

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