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As a construction company, No Ordinary Builders had no shortage of work and projects. They do it all, from building homes, office spaces to renovating, remodeling, and interior designing. They want their clients to have the best possible construction and transparent housing experience possible without going through the painful process of hidden charges and incomplete projects. They provide the best construction experience possible to their clients and customers. When they approached Zone Websites, their only problem was that they had a minimal online presence, because of which they were losing multiple potential clients. They wanted to offer their service to clients throughout the country so that anyone could reach them with ease.


Zone Websites’ expert team of designers, developers, and IT experts understood the challenge faced by No Ordinary Builders. We worked with them closely to provide them with a positive experience and offer them a custom-made strategy and solution. Since they offered a vast range of services to a large area spread across the country, we devised a solution that would help them find new clients most efficiently. Our expert team analyzed their market and their work to understand how to design a solution that would solve their problem. We first looked at the services they provided, the construction project they had finished, and putting them all together; we came up with the website.

No Ordinary Builders’ website is full of information and the services they provide and the projects they have completed, and much more. We made different categories for the various services they offered but also, we tried to keep it as informative as possible. Our research team did thorough research on No Ordinary Builders, the areas and the places they worked in, their competitors, along the best construction companies in the country. The end result was the website of No Ordinary Builders, where their clients can see everything they do, their projects, and ways to contact them. We made the process of home construction easy so that the clients won’t have to think about how to contact No Ordinary Builders. And our partnership helped No Ordinary Builders grow throughout the country.

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