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Project De Real Fitness


De Real Fitness is a fitness company run by an ISSA-certified personal trainer Diangha Valerie specializing in fitness nutrition. He has helped his clients with various fitness goals like weight loss, weight gain, strength, or any other fitness goal. His clients were very happy with his work, and his business was growing well through recommendations. The biggest challenge in front of Diangha was that it became challenging for him to manage all his clients in person as he was getting clients who were far away from his locality. Then lockdowns were imposed throughout the world that disturbed his business completely as neither he could travel to his clients nor his clients could travel to him.


When Diangha approached Zone Websites with his challenges, we spent some time understanding his business with him as he didn’t just want to provide fitness services, but he also wanted to offer completely customized solutions to his clients. Once we got to understand his requirements, we analyzed all the possibilities that we could explore to provide him a solution that would drive the best outcome for his business. We performed competitor analysis and the latest trends that help businesses in the fitness industry foster their growth journey.

Once done with the complete analysis, our web development team developed a beautiful and interactive design for his website to enhance user interaction. We ensured a mobile-friendly design so that the website works flawlessly across all the devices. Now, he can advertise his services on the web and even get clients online from his website only. It helped Diangha get back to his business, leaving all the challenges he was facing due to Covid-19. He also benefited from acquiring new clients who were looking for fitness services online as they could not step out of the home. Zone Websites helped Diangha shift his business online, giving him access to never-ending potentials for his business.

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