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Project Roshan Masoomi


Roshan Masoomi is a Hijab-certified model and a Hijab designer to redefine the modeling industry and its old beauty standards. Her keen fashion sense and a great love and interest for fashion led her to dream about a platform where she can portray herself and her fashion sense and show it to the world. As a woman of Hijab, Masoomi believed that her culture was often misunderstood and misrepresented by the Western World and the fashion industry. And this is precisely where the challenge was that she was trying to overcome. When Roshan Masoomi approached Zone Websites, she had a clear and concise idea about what she wanted, but the biggest challenge was how to portray herself and her thoughts to the rest of the world.


Zone Websites understood the pain that Roshan Masoomi faced and the challenges ahead of her. Although she has the vision to change the fashion industry by showcasing beauty and elegance by becoming one of the best Hijab models, she also wants the world to understand the cultural and religious significance of the Hijab. Halima Aden inspired Roshan Masoomi to break the barriers to deserve equal representation in the fashion industry, and Zone Websites understood that. That is why our team of researchers and experts looked for a way for Roshan Masoomi to fulfill what she had always wanted.

Our team of web developers, IT experts, and researchers came up with a way so that Roshan Masoomi can achieve what she wanted. With a follower count of 397K, Masoomi is already well-known on Instagram. So, we developed a website for Masoomi with her name; it would serve not just as her platform from where she could change the way the Western world looked at the Muslim community, but it was also a platform where she can portray herself and let her users and clients look at her latest work. Our team made the website interactive, vibrant, and responsive so that it looked and matched her personality. With our help, Roshan Masoomi reached all her followers and many more and took a step towards changing the world.

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