Project Emily Lima


Emilylima.com is a transformative platform that came into existence to bring the best in people by helping them realize their true potential. Emily Lima is the founder of emilylima.com, and it is her remarkable ability to bring light to people’s dull lives that brings people to her sessions. Although she already was making remarkable progress in transforming the lives of the people and her clients by drawing out insights from her clients’ conversation, and has helped them gain a new way of thinking. She is already a trained life coach and has years of experience in transforming the lives of people. Although she has worked with multiple clients and her business went well, but the challenge she faced was that she wanted to reach more people and more clients. She wanted to transform more lives so that people could live their lives to the fullest, which was why she approached Zone Websites.


At Zone Websites, we understood what Emily Lima faced, but we had to dive deeper to understand what she wanted. Her challenge was vast, and it would take multiple teams of experts of different fields to get the job done and come up with a solution fit for her. Zone Websites managed to do that with their collaborative team effort to combine all their knowledge and expertise to devise a solution for Emily Lima. We wanted to create a platform for Lima where she can interact with her clients, post her services, charges, etc., as well as the clients, can interact with her, post their success stories, and much more.

Emilylima.com is the solution to that because it gives her a way of expanding her services and clients, but it also gave her another way through which she could change the lives of the people. Our team of IT experts, developers, and researchers did their best for Emily Lima to come up with the solution and developed the website. We also had to make sure that the website was responsive, fast, interactive, and informative so that it could be accessed in any devise the clients wanted. With the collaborative partnership of Emily Lima and Zone Websites, we managed to find a way to overcome the challenge and increase her reachability.

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