Cannabis Ecommerce


Cannabis Commerce came into existence as an initiative where people can buy medicinal marijuana, recreational marijuana, and CBD without trouble. It was an initiative where people can come to buy Cannabis, marijuana plants, seeds, pre-rolled joints and CBD oils, and much more. Cannabis Commerce was started by a group of people who believed that Cannabis should be available for everyone without being illegal and without people getting into trouble. Marijuana and all its other products have been made illegal throughout the world, and it has also been given a bad name, so it is a tough business to start, market, and develop. That was one of the challenges why Cannabis Commerce found it hard to develop and grow its business.


Our team at Zone Websites worked closely with Cannabis Commerce to find out the hardest challenges they were facing. We found out that one of the biggest problems that not just Cannabis Commerce but the entirety of the cannabis community faced was the lack of trust and the government ban that has been imposed on it on the majority of the world. Even though there were multiple positive uses of marijuana and cannabis-like treating paralysis, spinal injury, etc., but they were still treated more like a recreational drug than a medicinal one. So, Zone Websites partnered with Cannabis Commerce to change that perspective of the people, and that’s where we found the solution to their challenges.

We focused on creating an informative platform for Cannabis Commerce where they can educate and inform the people while also operating on their business and selling their products. Our researchers, content experts, and web developers created a website that was informative, responsive, and commercial. We wanted our website to provide the customer and clients of Cannabis Commerce with all the correct information and knowledge so that Cannabis can be seen more in a positive light. With our help, Cannabis Commerce increased their business and got more clients than before, and they are on their way towards a positive and informative growth journey.

Technologies Used