Affiliate Marketing

Project Soft Fibre Art


Soft Fibre Art was made to create unique and elegant fashion items and accessories for men, women, and children at reasonable pricing. With it, they aimed to create the best fashion clothing suggestions where their customer could buy clothes of all price ranges and varieties without being worried about the shape, size, brand, or price of the clothing. Like many other affiliate marketing platforms, Soft Fibre Art was made keeping their customer and their needs in mind. Still, with all the different platforms similar to it, its popularity and reachability became an issue.


When Soft Fibre Art approached Zone Websites, they were looking for the solution to their problem. Zone Websites and its team has worked with multiple projects and platforms similar to Soft Fibre Art, so creating a challenge was not difficult. But forever we devise a solution from scratch and make it to suit the client's needs. We knew that creating another affiliate marketing platform would not be challenging, but it would have to be different if it were to get the proper customers.

Our team of web developers and IT experts, keeping all the client’s expectations and demands in mind, created – a shopping platform of reasonable pricing for men, women, and children. Our SEO and content experts worked on Soft Fibre Art to make sure that it was precisely the client's platform. Because the client wanted to be one of the best names in the market to promote online clothing and accessories for all ages, we had to research hundreds of affiliate marketing platforms to ensure that it was not the same as the other platforms. When developing Soft Fibre Art, we made sure to make it as responsive as possible so that the customers can access it through any medium or device. With Zone Websites, Soft Fibre Art made a name for itself among the customers as a platform that sells clothing and accessories for all at a reasonable price that all can afford.

Technologies Used